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The arrival of LED lighting on the market has revolutionized the furniture industry. Living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms with all their recesses, shelves, drawers, showcases, ceilings – it soon turned out that eye-catching LED lights play not only a practical role, illuminating selected spaces, but also – a decorative one. They allow you to highlight a selected element of space, create a unique mood in the bedroom or dispel the darkness in the toddler’s room and conjure up magical luminous landscapes for them.

LED lighting – not only practical issues

It will not be an exaggeration to say that LED is a breakthrough technology: more durable, safer and more energy-efficient than conventional lighting. What’s more, unlike the traditional incandescent bulb – it offers enormous possibilities in terms of shapes, designs, colours and materials.

The DesignLight products we offer are distinguished by their high functionality, which makes them ideal for various spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and hallways. The modern technology used in the production process goes hand in hand with focus on visual aspects, which is why LED lighting will be perfect not only in its basic role, making it easier to move around the flat or house after dark. The products we offer are also an excellent way to impart a unique character to the interiors. They give you the possibility to both illuminate a selected room section, such as a seating area or the space inside your wardrobe and highlight an item of your choice such as an antique cupboard, a painting hanging on the wall or a family photograph.

You name it
We offer a wide range of furniture and interior lighting – such as modern under-cabinet, bathroom and ceiling luminaires or functional furniture extension arms. Among the DesignLight products, LED strips with aluminium profiles are invariably popular and offer great design possibilities – they can be fixed to a shelf, cabinet, drawer, installed under a table top, bed or around a mirror. On the other hand, for illumination of display cabinets, glass cases or bookcases we recommend LED clips.

Light under control
The unusual arrangement options with the use of led lighting are not limited merely to the choice of colour and type of luminaires or strips. There is also a wide range of possibilities provided by controllers, dimmers and zone remotes that allow you to conveniently control the lighting and adjust its intensity. In addition, we also offer extension cords, sockets, power supplies, switches, cables, as well as motion and dusk sensors. With all of these accessories you will be able to create comprehensive interior lighting tailored to your real needs.